Sharing Joy: Stuck Points and Alternative Thoughts

I’m starting a second part to my blog. Today, I am recognizing where I have been emotionally stuck, and I’ve got new affirmations to tell myself. My success in this process has been due to literal MONTHS of therapy and digging into some heavy shit. Here goes: Point 1 Stuck point: “Changes in routines meanContinue reading “Sharing Joy: Stuck Points and Alternative Thoughts”

Sharing Grief: And Sometimes…

You just want to die. You reach the breaking point. You try to live because you said you would. The grief is so great. You know you’re a goddamn burden. You know it’s a lost cause anyway. You cry all day because you really fucked up. You really fuck up. All the goddamn time. YouContinue reading “Sharing Grief: And Sometimes…”

Sharing Grief: First Stones in Glass Houses

There was once a little girl who grew up in the most beautiful manor, high on a hill overlooking her father’s dominion. It was made almost entirely of mirrored glass, so that her father, an evil sorcerer, could easily keep track of his subjects’ whereabouts and behaviors. As soon as a transgression was detected, theContinue reading “Sharing Grief: First Stones in Glass Houses”

Sharing Grief: Perseverance DOES NOT EQUAL Perfection

If I live and die a thousand lives, they would not be enough to contain love.  If each life, a thousand years, and each year, a thousand moments (well, 525,600 minutes, plus leap years and so forth…really loses the poetic quality. Thanks a lot, Rent. Jk. I love Rent.) But still, if I lived aContinue reading “Sharing Grief: Perseverance DOES NOT EQUAL Perfection”

Sharing Grief: It’ll Never Be the Same

A quote from my (current) favorite post from my (current) favorite blog reads as follows: It’s going to hurt you every time you think of it. Sometimes this will happen at weird moments. When you’re least expecting it. When you encounter a small detail that only has the most passing commonality with what happened toContinue reading “Sharing Grief: It’ll Never Be the Same”

Sharing Grief: What Happened That Night

A little warning, first. This is the one where I explain what happened. It isn’t pretty. It isn’t nice. It isn’t healthy. It isn’t good. I made mistakes. I did bad things. And right now, I am gonna write about some of them. Gotta gotta be downBecause I want it allIt started out with aContinue reading “Sharing Grief: What Happened That Night”

Sharing Grief: The Top Ten Ways to Occupy a Sleepless Night!! (You won’t believe #11!)

Consider all the ways that you could off yourself if you hadn’t made that pesky commitment to life! Begin writing a blog about the top ten things to…well, whatever. Truly appreciate your friends’ words. Get frustrated. Overthink Underthink Sideways Think (really, the last three don’t matter. The point is to really get inside your headContinue reading “Sharing Grief: The Top Ten Ways to Occupy a Sleepless Night!! (You won’t believe #11!)”


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